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  Cindy Arrington, M.S., RPA   Principal

Cindy has over 19 years of experience in cultural resources management and has lent her expertise to managing large-scale, multifaceted projects for city, state, and federal agencies, as well as for private firms. Her extensive experience in multi-disciplinary team management in the environmental profession is demonstrated in her talent for mobilizing the cooperation of diverse staff, agency personnel, and clients in the prevention and resolution of problems and conflicts. She is experienced with the regulatory framework in California, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. She has also served as a corporate trainer providing private and public clients with instruction in Section 106, and consulting with Native American groups. She has authored/co-authored hundreds of technical reports under compliance with federal, state, and local regulations (NEPA, NHPA, Section 106, CEQA, SEPA) and agencies (U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Forest Service, California Energy Commission, California Department of Transportation, California Public Utilities Commission, etc.).

A Midwestern gal (go Hoosiers!) from a small farming community, her tastes run simple: a good book, a long hike, and kayaking down a river, though her passion for Italian music remains an oddity.

  G.O. "Geo" Graening, PhD, MSE, QSD, QISP    Principal

Geo holds a Ph.D. in Biology and a Master of Science in Engineering, and is a California Registered Environmental Assessor and an ISA Certified Arborist. Geo has 15 years of experience in environmental assessment and research, and has authored / co-authored numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, NEPA Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments, CEQA Environmental Impact Reports and Initial Studies, FESA Biological Assessments and 1 Safe Harbor Permit, CESA Biological Resource Assessments, and Delineations of Waters of the US.

Geo also serves as an adjunct professor at California State University Sacramento and is an active researcher in the area of conservation biology and groundwater ecology. When not working, he enjoys dancing (Tango & West Coast Swing), kayaking, painting, and fiction writing.

  Nancy Sikes, PhD, RPA   Principal Investigator

Nancy is a cultural resources principal investigator with over 20 years of experience in cultural resources management, historic preservation, and consulting. She has a diverse background in the archaeology of California and other western states (NV, UT, WA, WY), and a thorough knowledge of the complexities of ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, including NEPA, Section 106, and CEQA. She specializes in preparing cultural resources technical reports in support of water, energy, transportation, conservation, military, and development projects; evaluating resources for listing in national, state, and local registers; authoring cultural resources sections for project and program-level compliance documents (e.g., EIR/EIS, IS/EA); developing creative mitigation strategies; and completing management or mitigation plans for preserving cultural resources or for resolving adverse impacts through monitoring or data recovery.

When not writing or working, you will not catch Nancy shopping or cleaning – instead she especially enjoys hiking with friends, reading mysteries, and listening to live jazz around Sacramento.

  Phil Hanes, M.A.   Project Manager/Senior Archaeologist

Phil Hanes is a Project Manager and prehistoric archaeologist with professional experience in all aspects of cultural resources management, including Native American consultation, block, linear, and seismic survey, large and small-size excavation, construction and monitoring within oil, gas, alternative energy, timber harvest, private and commercial development, and land management fields. Mr. Hanes has worked in 10 states, and is permittable by the Bureau of Land Management in five states (CA, CO, NV, UT, and WY). In the lab, he has performed prehistoric and historic artifact identification and analysis, cataloging and curation preparation from data recovery. Mr. Hanes directs all aspects of our ground-penetrating radar services; with his expertise in tripod-mounted high-density laser scanners, Trimble mapping computers, and data processing techniques using GPR SLICE software for locating archaeological sites.

Phil keeps busy with work and a precocious 2 year old daughter, but when time permits, he can be found fishing in the Bay and flying over the valley honing his piloting skills.

  Tim Spillane, M.S.   Principal Investigator/Project Manager/GIS Analyst II

Tim is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with more than ten years of experience working with agencies in the public and private sectors on cultural resource management projects, developing particular expertise in the historic and prehistoric archaeology of the San Francisco Bay Area and larger Northern California region. He has extensive experience in Section 106 and CEQA compliance, and over six years of professional training in GIS, holding professional certifications in ArcGIS, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Illustrator. In his position as Principal Investigator and Project Manager for Natural Investigations, he works with a diverse range of clients, stakeholders, and tribes to responsibly and efficiently move the cultural resources process forward. He has an extensive background in all phases of archaeological work, including assessment, evaluation, and mitigation, and regularly authors technical reports, including treatment plans, data recovery reports, and historical contexts. He is a cross-trained paleontologist and GIS analyst.

Though he recently moved to the Northern Sierra foothills, he’s a San Francisco native, so you may catch him at the Adler Museum or Vesuvio in North Beach on a Saturday night, well-fed on Italian food with his old neighborhood buddies.

  Dylan Stapleton, M.A., RPA   Archaeologist

As a graduate of the California State University Sacramento Anthropology Department’s undergraduate and graduate programs, under the tutelage of Dr. Jerald Johnson, Dylan is an archaeologist with five years of archaeological experience in prehistorics, historics and historical resources. His field experience includes historic architectural surveys, archaeological field surveys, excavation of archaeological sites, historic archival research, field team management, construction monitoring as well as coauthoring EIS/EIR cultural reports. His Masters Thesis was on the gold rush town of Virginiatown. Dylan has multiple years of experience throughout California and the Great Basin.

When Dylan is not out in the field or writing a report, he can be found exchanging his trowel for chalk as a substitute teacher throughout the greater Sacramento area.

  Tim Nosal, M.S.   Senior Biologist



  Kristen Ahrens, M.S.   Senior Scientist



  Ted Hermansen, M.S.   Senior Biologist



  Erin Hanes, M.A., RPA   Archaeologist

As a graduate of the Sonoma State University Cultural Resources Management program, Erin is an archaeologist with ten years of archaeological experience in prehistoric, protohistoric, historic resources, and Traditional Cultural Properties. Her field experience includes seismic and block survey, excavation of archaeological sites, digital site mapping, historic archival research, oral history, field team management, project management, public outreach, and construction monitoring. She has been trained in artifact cataloging and analysis as well as museum conservation. Erin has helped conduct tribal consultations and performed oral histories and interviews. Ms. Hanes has multiple years of experience in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and California.

When she isn’t working or chasing after her adorable 2 year old daughter, you can find Erin training for marathons.  This woman loves to run.








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