Natural Investigations Company employs qualified delineators who produce delineations that meet the requirements of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Example Projects

Eller and Brune Parcels Fee-to-Trust Project Jurisdictional Waters Delineation Report, Smith River, CA. 2015. Prepared for Tolowa Dee-nií Nation.

Qwest Interstate 95 Underground Fiber Optic Project, Clark Co., Nevada. 2013-2014. Prepared for Qwest Communications and Nevada Dept. of Environmental Protection.

Waters of the U.S. Report for Jeffcott Road Property, Wilton, CA. 2007. Prepared for landowner.

Jamul Indian Village Delineation of Waters of the U.S. Report, San Diego Co., CA. 2006. Prepared for EDS Inc.

PacifiCorp Yreka – Weed Transmission Line Upgrade Project, Shasta Co., CA. 2006. Prepared for SWCA Inc. and Pacific Energy Corporation. Performed wetland delineation, field verification, and authored Waters of the US report on a 21-mile utility line corridor.


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