Paleontological Consulting Services

Paleontology is the study of what fossils tell us about the ecologies of the past. Paleontological resources, or fossils, are the remains, imprints, or traces of once-living organisms preserved in rocks, sediments, tar, amber, and other settings. Fossils include bones and teeth of reptiles such as dinosaurs, as well as skeletal and soft tissue remains of fish, amphibians, birds, and mammals. They also include shells of mollusks and insects, wood, leaves and flowers, footprints, burrows, and remains of microscopic organisms.

Paleontological resources are protected under an array of federal, state, county, and city laws and ordinances. The Bureau of Land Management and other federal agencies have developed regulations for the management, protection, education, and recreational uses of fossils on the lands they administer. This includes permitting requirements and mitigation guidelines for surface-disturbing projects.

Natural Investigations’ paleontological services include:

  • To ascertain the extent of previous cultural resources work within the project area and estimate the number and nature of known cultural resources present.
  • Data compilation/data management/data analysis including full GIS capabilities
  • Paleontological sensitivity mapping
  • Literature research/geologic map reviews/museum and agency file searches
  • Construction mitigation monitoring/site damage assessment
  • Document review and preparation
  • Production of interpretive and educational exhibits
  • Educational services for project workers, community members, government and tribal agencies

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